Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Sometimes It's Free

Our wood pile looks pretty much the same as it did a couple weeks ago
with the exception that the odds and ends are now stacked.
(There were a couple more rounds that were given to a friend.)
Every so often, I like to check Craigslist for this or that.
If I do, I try to remember to look under the "free" category.
It's most often old mattresses, broken furniture, or a year and a half old "puppy" none of which I am interested in.
This time something caught my attention.
Free black walnut.
And it was near Mr. LB's work.
Our forests are closed right now meaning we can't go get wood.
I contacted the fella and hubby and made arrangements.
Mr. LB took the trailer and after work, picked up 
probably 2/3-3/4 of a cord of wood.
He wanted a couple pieces for a project, and 
the rest will make excellent firewood.
It's still not enough but adds to the stack, and we didn't have to fall it, buck it up, or roll it to the rig however far away.
There were some pieces that needed to be cut smaller, but then only had to be loaded in the back of the trailer that was right there.
We will still need more and would like to get some for my folks too,
but I might continue to watch the list and see what kind of trees 
people are falling in their yards.
I told Mr. LB, one could go around taking up all these "free" trees
and here in a couple months sell it.
No paying for wood permits or dealing with the hassles of USFS.

We're still burning the candle at both ends of the day
so this is a shorter post just letting you know what we're up to.
More soon~


  1. You might contact a tree removal company. Some try to sell their wood. Others have to pay to take it to the landfill.

  2. what a good find and certainly beats having to pay for the wood. Shame you can`t come and take away after cutting down a gum tree that has grown to enormous heights in 8 years if it falls in the wind will land on top of my next door neighbour`s greenhouse, he says not to worry but I do and I know it will cost a fortune to have it removed.

  3. How nice, free firewood! When I trim my trees, I cut up the wood, stack it, and leave it at the curb. Someone always stops by and picks it up.

  4. Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving your comment - always love new visitors! I am greatly enjoying your blog too, and will come back when I have more time, to scroll right back a few years!
    (Georgiegirl on the HomeMakers forum)

  5. You might laugh Gorges, but there isn't a "company" around here. It's mostly a neighbor with a chainsaw and a 6 pack :-) The closest service/business is about an hour and 15 min. away.
    Margaret~ that would be horrible if it got to his greenhouse.
    Stephanie~ that is brilliant! It's resourceful and mindful. I love it.
    Hi Gina~ Welcome!