Tuesday, March 13, 2018

A Simple View

It might sound silly to someone who wants a sweeping view
of vast expances or city lights.
But I'm completely thrilled at the moment with our front view.
This is looking right out our front door.
We aren't far off the little mountain road.
It had become overgrown which Mr LB actually liked from a privacy aspect.
There's only so much we can take.
We actually fell and cleaned up 2 large trees and numerous smaller trees 
from this not so large area.
We did keep a bit of firewood from the larger two.
(A thorn apple and an old plum - not all shown.)
We got the spring fire going and worked out here all day.
I'm hoping to put a waddle fence up to hide the propane tank.
This is the closest thing to a "before" view.
Maybe that makes me a bad blogger
since I don't think of everything in life as a bloggable moment 
and take pictures of the progression.
Sometimes it just feels good to work - without technology.
All I know is it's kinda difficult for me to make the decision to cut down a tree
so when I ask hubby if he wants to play with the chainsaw,
he seldom hesitates.
We would have half as many trees if it were up to him.
We have two more yet to go (over in the big yard) but the ground is too wet at the moment so we have to wait.
One is a huge cottonwood that is reeeeally leaning.
That won't make good firewood, 
but we might use it for early fall or late spring fires.
The other is a good sized locust that is dead but one little branch.
That one should be great for firewood.
For now, I will look out my front door and appreciate a day spent working 
with my wonderful husband and how much cleaner it is.
This is my simple view.


  1. I really like the view. It seems like you live in a very quiet wooded area.
    I'm also a bad blogger because I rarely remember to take photos of what I do, unless I have a very specific topic for a blog post. That is very rare because normally I just ramble on about my day. :)

  2. Cottonwood might make lumber if you know anyone with an Alaskan Sawmill.

    1. There is a neighbor with an old! homemade mill down the road. Last summer a few of us got together to see if we could get it going - to no avail. You should throw yours on a trailer a head west 😊 I would love more boards to play with.

  3. I think it's a great view! There is little better than looking out upon your hard work.

  4. I love your view. However I would probably be planting some shrubs that get tall for some privacy from the road. I hate to cut down trees. We need trees to breathe. I keep planting them on my little lot. We had to take down a big locust a couple of years ago. I hated that. I don't have a woodburner in the house. We gave the wood to a couple here in the neighborhood that heats with wood. When I smell their fire going I often wondered if it was our wood that was burning. Can't wait to see your fence around the tank. You could paint it green so it wouldn't be so shocking to the eyes.

    1. Oh, I would love to paint that thing! but can't as it is company owned - instead have let the little mossy things grow but will probably scrub it. Glad to know there's someone else who "befriends" trees 😊

  5. It has been a while since I have been to visit. I have enjoyed catching up with you and reading your post. Seeing the snow and all makes me feel very lucky. We are suppose to warm up today. Take care. Hugs and Prayers from your Missouri Friend Shirley

    1. Shirley ~ so good to hear from you. Keep well and enjoy those warm winters you folks get.