Friday, March 9, 2018

The Rebel in Me

You may have already figured out that I have a wee bit of a stubborn streak. 
Oh, you hadn’t noticed?
Bless you friend. 

March 11, day light savings time requires us to “spring forward” an hour.
Ha!  I didn’t change half my clocks.
I changed the coffee pot (important!) the alarm clock (sorta important,) and the mantle clock (not as important but convenient.  When it strikes, I know the time.)
The other clocks I left on day light savings time.
We just "fell back" in November.
Regardless of the hear-say blaming the idea on farmers,
it was actually businessmen who came up with the idea and pushed it through government.
It worked so the date has been altered a couple of times to promote consumerism.
Farmers actually lobbied against it as it messed with the cycles of their livestock.
(That makes sense to me.)
So I guess in my own quiet way,
I'm lobbying against it as I'm driving to work, 
and it's after 8AM according to the clock in the car.
I wouldn't care which time we stuck with as long as it didn't change.
And now you know, I'm a rebel.


  1. I heard it was begun in war time to save energy! - LOL

    1. You make me have to think too much sometimes Gorges 🙃 So I did a quick search. It appears that it began in Canada but didn't really take off until the Germans in acted it in WWI. So yep war time.

  2. I normally wait until my phone adjusts time automatically. Then I change the time on other clocks. I've heard that some states want to get rid of day light saving, and some others want to keep it all year.

  3. I too wish time would stay the same no matter which time the businesses decide on. It makes life flow so much easier. Now that I am retired it doesn't mean much to me either way. Annie (our dog) stays on the same food cycle no matter what we do with the time so I can see what the farmers mean.

  4. I'm with you in wishing the time would stay the same!

  5. I wish they would stop this time change. It throws me out of wack! Love your blog design!