Sunday, June 3, 2012

Free Autograph Memory Book Tutorial

     I recently made one of these for a friend who is moving back from Hawaii and is on a bit of a road trip.  It turned out rather cute so I thought I would share.  You will need to begin by gathering a few items: small composition notebook (I got these 3 for a dollar at the Dollar Store,) enough fabric to cover one, a coordinating fabric, scissors, a way to measure, a button, and a glue stick. (and a cup of tea or coffee of course.)
Next cut fabric about 3/4 of an inch larger than the opened notebook all the way around.  If you have a one way fabric like I do, be sure to cut it so that the print is right-side up not sideways or upside-down.

Next is a very easy step.  Center the open book on the wrong side of the fabric.  Cut from the edge to the spine of the book at the top and the bottom.

Before you glue - make sure your fabric is right-side up!  Theeenn, glue the outer edge over the edge of the book.  Fold the corners like you are wrapping a present and glue the top and bottom edges over so it looks something like this----->

Now repeat for the back.

Next choose a coordinating color.  It can be a print, but I chose to go with the solid brown.

I had 1/3 of a yard of the brown so I tore off the selvage .  Snip the edge then tear it.

Save the skinny little strip for later - it's a secret right now.

Then measure from the spine over to the middle of the fabric that is folded and glued.  Snip and tear so it will fit just right like this --------->

Now do the same for the top and bottom.  Snipping and tearing - go ahead and get your aggravation out:)  Be sure it fits before you glue it down.


Slather it with glue even about a quarter of an inch onto the fabric, because the other fabric will be covering it.

Then center the fabric and finger press in place.

Here is where the secret little
strip comes into play. Glue the little
thing near the spine inside the back

Then glue the coordinating fabric inside the back cover just as you did for the inside of the front cover.

Now is an extremely fun part.  You get to play with buttons.  BUTTONS!  I love buttons - who doesn't?  Choose one that goes with your book.  The size really doesn't matter - have fun with it.

 Fold the skinny strip into the front cover and stitch the button onto the end.  This is your bookmark - just like in those beautiful old novels. 

Voila! And there you have it.  You could get much more elaborate, or just keep it simple.  I wrote a little message on the first page of the one I gave my friend to make it even more personal. 

 I do hope you enjoyed this little project.  Have a lovely afternoon.


  1. I love this autograph book! We are having so much fun getting autographs along the way on our 6000 mile road trip! It has inspired us to pay more attention to the people we come in contact with! So much fun--thank you for a great idea.


  2. What a pretty project! I must give it a try myself! Your tutorial was wonderful. Great photos and instructions!

  3. this is adorable! I would love that little notebook for sketching quilt ideas as I travel!
    thanks for sharing I am going to have to try this, but first I need some great fabric for the cover!