Monday, June 11, 2012

Vintage Doll Quilts

Good Monday morning everybody.  I just wanted to share a little happy place with you.  Now anyone who knows me knows I love the deep rich colors.  When I was choosing colors for various rooms in the house, I was referred to as 'the color-match queen' at the paint store.  I would take in a piece of old fabric, or gadget and have the color replicated for wall paint.  However, and a big however it is, I have one room that would probably be a bit unexpected considering the tone set by the rest of the house.  It has yellow walls, a green slipper chair, a little bit of orange, robin's egg blue, and purple, etc.  In that room, I have a little sampling of my doll quilt collection arranged on one wall. 
Some are older than others, a better quality than others, &/or in better condition than others.  I am a bit of a crazy quilt lover by nature, so I was thrilled to find a 'bright' one to add.  It is far from square and the stitches aren't fantastic, but I love it.  I have actually done a light washing on each of these just to remove any dust, pet hair, or smoke odor that might have been in them.  None of them seemed to have those sorts of problems, but I figured I didn't want to be in the room after hanging them and wonder "hmm, what is that strange smell?"  I didn't try to remove the imperfections.
I figured, whatever Dolly did to achieve those stains, there must be a story, and I want to preserve that story even though I don't know it.  I am not concerned with the real 'value' of these little beauties.  They make me happy just as they are.  I have a few others in better condition, design, and workmanship, but these are the ones that made the wall.  Just thought I would share.  And by all means, if it makes you happy, display it for yourself. 

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  1. I love your doll quilt collage. Nothing like these little quilts to energize a wall!