Saturday, June 23, 2012

Visiting Prosser, Washington

I have been right through the town years ago without stopping.  Yesterday, I stopped in Prosser.  I started out with a destination of the Sewing Basket Quilt shop. 
It was like a quilters Easter egg hunt heaven.  In places the fabric was stacked three bolts deep, which makes it a little tough to see what's available.  But, they have tons!  There was a room for batiks and a room of novelty - fabric with popcorn, baseballs, cherries, you name it.  In the main two rooms were various collections and the cutting table of course.  Theeeen, the wonderful owner said, "If you like 20's and 30's repros or holiday fabrics, there is the garage as well."  What more?  I had a stack going so asked if I could leave it there while I went and checked out the garage.  This is no regular garage.  Shelves four bolts high - and someone with a ladder to retrieve those high bolts if I needed a closer look.  I ended up with a stack there as well.  I couldn't believe the selection. 
A couple weeks ago, I went and quilted for a day with my mom and a friend from Baker City.  She was working on a 'cathedrial window' quilt so I was inspired to try my hand at it and found this beautiful collection that I thought would be perfect.
I found the teal-colored fabric first and didn't see the others.  While it was being cut, I went back over to see another piece and saw the others.  After all was said and done, I ended up with this.  Don't worry; they won't all be in the same quilt - eeek. 
I was surprised (and super happy) to find this little heart fabric in the Christmas section.  I have wanted to make a St. Valentine's Day quilt for a long time, but it's difficult to find old-fashionedy Valentine fabric.  Their Valentine collections were much more modern - duh that's what most people probably look for - and then there's me.
The robin's egg blue (sorta) and ivory I just loved. (the picture is a little dark) Then I thought of Kathie at 'Inspired by Vintage Quilts' and thought, "Why don't I just make a small quilt?"  For some reason, I think I have to make a big quilt when I am buying fabric.  I think I get that from my mom.  Her motto is 'Rule of thumb: you have two thumbs, buy at least two yards.'  I'm not quite like that, but I like hand work so I need to think smaller in order to get anything finished.  There is also a B & B at this wonderful quilt shop, very reasonably priced, and able to host 4-10 people.  I might have to gather up a crew.

 Well now, since I traveled all the way to Prosser, I wasn't going to leave just then.  I ventured down town where I found several lovely specialty and antique shops.  Let me just say, "There are some very talented ladies over there."  I found twin vintage crazy-quilt doll quilts to add to my collection.  Both have the same happy backing.  Woohoo, heehee, ladida - me singing a little happy song.
That's all for now.  I need to go reset all the clocks since our power was out during the thunderstorm last night.
Have a fabulous weekend.

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