Sunday, June 17, 2012

Sewing Room Favorite Finds

Yesterday was another wonderful day of finds.  I will have to get them photographed so I can share them with you.  Buuuut, until then, I wanted to share a few of my former finds that seem to have made it into the fun room.  First, of course, are buttons.  Who doesn't love buttons, remember playing with Grandma's jar of buttons, or go hunting for them on a regular basis?
The vase/bowl, I found at the giant yard sale in Portland that I mentioned in my first post.  I love how heavy it is now, much more than when I was packing it around in Portland.  It is heavy in appearance and in weight.  And, yes, that is a quilt stacked on the floor in the background.  I have been working on a wool quilt for the Baker City Quilt Show that is coming up in one month.  More about that later.
See buttons look good both indoors and outdoors and they become more appealing as they age - I think I need to take beauty tips from buttons:)  They are just too fun.

I love to bring the outdoors in - whether it's flowers in the house in the summer or evergreens and pine cones in the winter.  I am hoping to do a post from the yard before long to show some things you can put in your yard/garden to add little elegant and unexpected touches.    Stay tuned for that one.

And this last picture is just a little goody basket that has little odds that I love.  It is in my sewing room as well - moss, feathers and all.  Off to have lunch with Dad - Happy Father's Day, and Smiles to all.

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