Saturday, June 22, 2013

Antique LaMoyne Stars

These are soaking as I type this.
I don't even know how many there are.
I purchased them (quite reasonably)
last weekend.
There was a large quilt-top as well
of the same blocks
that I didn't purchase.
Now I'm kicking myself
and trying to get a hold of the folks
to see if they still have it.
Some of them had some
mystery spots so I used
Grandma's spot remover, 
then a wash with orvis,
and now a 'kinda' second soak.
There was a surprise in the bundle.
They all have a 'spotted muslin' background,
It's the same size, 
same size of stitches and so forth.
Makes me wonder if it was a little joke
or if there was a story to go with it.
I will wait and see what I can come up with
as far as getting the quilt top
before I do anything with these.
My suspicion is that they are pre-1900,
but I'm not very good at quilt dating
with the exception of some crazy quilts
(yep the ones with the dates stitched into them:?)

~Have a wonderful weekend~

Until next time,
Nimble Fingers and Even Stitches


  1. what a tremendous find, I can understand you kicking yourself for not buying the whole quilt, fingers crossed you track it down. Wonder how big the piece will be when you sew the blocks together and whether you will include to odd one out in the finished piee

  2. What a wonderful find! Now you have the opportunity to blend your current day talents with that of someone who labored over these so long ago. Maybe the one with the different background was supposed to be the centerpiece.

  3. Oh my!!! What an absolute treasure!! I agree that they look CW era fabric - but I am no expert!! How wonderful that you will be able to finish The Story for these blocks!!


  4. What a find. I hope you get your hands on that quilt top!