Saturday, June 29, 2013

My Newest Old Toy

I'm such a kid sometimes!
I'd like to introduce you to my latest toy.
I purchased it at a yard sale weekend before last 
and am just now getting to it.
When I asked if it worked,
the lady said,
"Yeah, but I think it needs a needle or something."
I said, "But the motor runs right?"
She assured me it did.
And indeed it does & yes, it does need a needle:)
She must have just used it for a display.
It has that great salmon colored case.
I am just enough of a nut,
that all my machines run.
What use are they if they don't?
Because I have a use for all ?11? of them you know.
I can't help it~ they just find me.
This one has an on/off button - black.
Then to run it, there is the little slide lever.
It is in dire need of cleaning, which
I'm hoping to get to today.
And maybe even add a needle:?)

Until next time,
Nimble Fingers and Even Stitches


  1. wow 11 machines, at least you will never be without one. I saw 2 singer hand machines in a charity shop yesterday but as I do not have a car and 2 bus rides from home had to resist. I expect you have your favourite one and tend to use that most of the time.

  2. Ha ha, my husband says we should start a club. I have 7 or 8 machines although one is a treadle and two are very early electrics and we have closed them up and use them as side tables. You have to take advantage of a good bargain. My last one was old but all metal, nonthing plastic to break.

  3. I have that same machine my grandmother bought for me when I was very young. Mine still works, the case has a chunk out of one corner and needs a new needle. Where do you think I can find one of them? They are quite short. Congrats on your great find. Cindy

  4. Fun! I love new toys, even when they are old!
    I only have two sewing....oh, three counting my treadle machine, and two sergers....
    and a children's machine that is really tiny....I should look for that!
    gotto go to bed! too much blog reading for one night and it's 3 am!
    Crazy hearts!

  5. New toys are so fun! I hope you enjoy your sewing machine, it is so vintage!

  6. Now that is an interesting collection....11 sewing machines? In a few years mine will be vintage from non-use and you can have it to add to your collection!! Visiting from Cottage Vintage Style...