Sunday, June 9, 2013

Can You Help Me ???

My latest find~
I got this quilt at an estate sale last weekend
for next to nothing because near the edges
it has some overly loved areas.
I actually set it down 
then picked it back up again.
It just spoke to me.
It is all hand stitched,
has an interesting pattern,
and a variety of quilting designs.
 If you look closely,
it looks as though the rectangle pieces 
were at one time a pinkish color
and the diamonds on either side of the yellow
were perhaps a green.
The focus blocks are all quilted the same,
but the solid white or 'open' blocks
are quilted with grids and scallops.
In some of the overly loved parts, 
there is some machine stitching and
maybe 'extra' binding stitched on
for good measure to repair it.

Some of the seams appear a little darker
because there was a peacock-blueish
color thread used to piece parts of it.

All of this said ~ I have no idea how old it is.
If you can help me,
please do so.
I would love to know more.
Thank you

Until next time,
Nimble Fingers and Even Stitches


  1. I really can't help you date it, but it is just a lovely old quilt, that I too would have had to go back to!!! I've also read several of your last posts and I just love the photos of the flowers!! So wonderful!! Thanks for sharing!! And your little shoo fly blocks are so cute!!


  2. Brautiful quilt, Great find! I love those old quilts....I have memories of Grandfathers homes with old heavy quilts to sleep under.
    I want to get to an estate sale!

  3. what a great find , sorry can not help re dating it.

  4. Wow...GORGEOUS QUILT and I see why you re-thought this purchase.
    I am no help with quilts but do know a beautiful one when I see it.