Monday, June 3, 2013

Sunday - The Days We Need

A good weekend after a rough week.

I always say, "Short weeks are the longest."
This past week proved that true - for me at least.
We won't go there.
Let's just move right to the good weekend part.
There are days that we just need,
and it feels good when we get to the end of them.
Sunday was one of those days.
I got floors, dishes, laundry 
and a few other things done yesterday.
That in itself felt good.
However, I also got a mountain of ironing done.
Not just clothes, but several pieces fabric, table cloths, napkins,
aaaand... the last 20 blocks (of 398) 
for my Cathedral Window quilt.
I was so happy, I celebrated by making myself a mocha.
Then, I sewed a button on one of Mr. LB's shirts,
mended a pocket on another, fixed a little hole
in one of mine, and repaired a jacket for a friend.
Since I was in the fun room anyways,
I got to looking at the everlasting stack of scraps
from the CW quilt.
So I started cutting here...
and sewing there...
This is as far as I got with it.
It was getting close to bedtime when I decided to stop.
I will use another scrap or two as well so it will be bigger,
but wanted to see colors in day light
rather than just night light.
I do believe by the time I finish the CW quilt,
I will have about 5 quilts in all 
just from the left overs.
It's a fun little challenge to see what I can do 
with all of them.

By the end of the day,
I was pleased with what I had done.
Both the necessary and the more enjoyable.
I know it doesn't sound like a really fun day,
but we sometimes need those days
that make us feel good about what we have done.
I'm sure I will have a day or two
that I feel like I am running in mud,
but for right now I will just enjoy the right now
and not worry about the rest.

Until next time,
Nimble Fingers and Even Stitches


  1. you were busy on Sunday you put me to shame. The cathedral window quilt is going to be amazing and sounds as though you are near completion. Your scrap blocks are eye catching

  2. LOVE your sewing, it is so crisp and pretty. One day I will give myself permission to play....too silly am I!
    Hugs to you girl. Oh, have you been to that antique Farm sale in Hermiston? I have heard about it from a firiend and wondered if it was agood one...have you heard anything?