Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Marco - Polo - I'm Over Here

I haven't been getting much stitching accomplished.
I've been playing here.

And believe it or not,
Yes, I do weed the garden.
I haven't had a garden for about 3 years.
When Mr. LB and I were discussing it,
I said I might put it here
as it gets good sun and is close to water.
 I also said, "I have an idea."
He is so patient.
I didn't tell him my idea.
One day he came home, and I had it all staked out.
I wanted it to look nice-
like more of a court yard garden
that we could eat:)
Many of the plants are just small,
but are growing.
Think we have enough lettuce?
There are flowers and cucumbers
planted around the bird-bath.
I'm not wild about the grass path.
It's too difficult to maneuver the lawn mower
around without running over food
and still getting to all the grass.
Come fall or next spring, 
we might be laying some brick.
Will also be changing the bean trellis.
We have a humming bird feeder over to the left of this.
I actually caught 4.
One, you can only see the tail of
at the bottom of the feeder.
I usually call them the buzzards
since they will buzz by close.
Last night while were were eating,
there must have been a dozen of them.
We actually have 2 feeders.
I fill one, one day
and the other the next.

At the end of the day,
more than my gloves are tired.

On another note,

This weekend is Baker City Quilt Show.
Mom took 18 quilts over for 3 of us just yesterday.
You can look forward to pictures next week.

Until Next Time,

Nimble Fingers and Even Stitches


  1. LOVE your garden idea....my hubby might not be happy.... ; )
    I have decided to stop getting "permission" and just do what I want.
    Sometimes forgiveness is easier than permission! I have had some plans....but the word seems to be "No.....I don't think you want to do that....." meaning HE doesn't want to do that!.....but I have learned if I just DO it...it's not so bad! I always laugh at the "We" ...I always ask "US ~ we or ME we....?" I usually know that answer before I ask it! I we better get going!
    Have fun at the Quilt show...wish I could come but I am a slacker...got to work!

  2. lots of hard work must have gone into creating those veg and flower plots, I see what you mean though about mowing between them. I have the same bird bath as you right down to the colour, yesterday the starlings were going mad in it making such a noise, hot here at the moment so change the water every day for them. Love to see the little sparrows balancing on the edge as they try to drink from it.

  3. Hey Girl,
    You have got me thinking here! That is NOT good!
    Might you share your dimensions with us? I have a sundial I got my hubby for our 10th anniversay, it says "Grow Old along with me, the best is yet to be" on it.... So,...picture this...
    The Sundial in the center...with landscape block, which I already have, in a circle about a 4 foot diameter around the sundial...flush with the ground. Then the four garden squares, I see that the corners or cut off at a diagonally, (or are they rounded in another concentric circle? ) I have been wanting to transplant my miniature rose bushes to somewhere around the sundial, but I couldn't figure out exactly how to do it... and not have it look somewhat goofy...but as a center to the garden....Now that is Classic! I have wished I could have an "English Garden" feel....but I live on a farm, how in the world will THAT happen!...but maybe this is just the ticket....hmmmmm....thinking......
    Maybe I could add some boxwood shrubs on the corners or ....something..maybe along the side that would be away from the house, just to give a look of an edge to the yard that extends out into the orchard....
    I might convince someone it will work....but he wants the garden somewhere else...but like I said....I might get forgiveness!
    Hearts to you!

  4. Oh, and I love your hummingbird picture....
    their eyes are glowing!

  5. a beautiful garden set-up~!!


  6. It is obvious that you have certainly put a lot of hard work into your garden. It looks wonderful and it serves a purpose to feed you. What a grand idea to set things up with enough space to walk around. I think having the humming birds around would be a nice added bonus.