Friday, July 12, 2013

Wonder Woman

In my last post,
I told you I would introduce you
to our Dye Day hostess.
Her name is Arleta.
This amazing woman spins, weaves,
tans hides (about 8-10/yr.)
has two huge green houses
for her garden,
makes soap,
keeps bees,
and probably has an invisible jet 
in one of the barns.
She tore a hole in her apron.
Did that stop her - Nope!
Just grabbed a plastic bag and kept going.
Instead of Dye Days, 
she has also hosted 
Tanning Weekend.
Mr. LB was interested in that one.
Over the course of the day,
we discovered that my folks
are friends with her brother and sister-in-law.
It really is a small world.
She is 80 29 years young,
and just got back from a 12 day rendezvous.
(If you are not familiar with a rendezvous,
it's a group that is 'mountain man' style &
there are no campers, cel. phones, ipods, 
or anything modern allowed.
Cooking is done over an open fire,
they sleep in tents/teepees or such,
and are dressed in buckskins or dresses
of that time period.)
I could spend a month with her
and never stop learning.
She is a complete inspiration.
I truly hope I have the opportunity
to spend more time learning from her.
I also hope each person who reads this
~for whatever it is that speaks to your soul~
finds a person or people
as knowledgeable, skilled and generous
as Arleta.

People like her are real blessings
and I am thankful to have spent a day 
with her.

Until next time,
Nimble Fingers and Even Stitches


  1. as you say a really amazing lady, so much she has to inspire others and so good that she shares it with all who want to learn

  2. LOLOL, Okay, you had me laughing, girl....
    Mr. LB was interested in the Tanning weekend.....I read that and could see him standing there watching you gals lying on beach towels in Bikinis....LOL....Then the REALITY of what you were saying hit me....and I REALLY laughed! What a great knowledgeable woman she is! So much to learn from someone so willing to Share her skills! She sounds like my Mom in law.....only my Mom in law doesn't have a bikini! ; )

  3. Obviously,. I didn't read your last post very well!