Monday, November 2, 2015

Spokane Valley Quilt Show~ Techniques

This past weekend was the Spokane Valley Quilt Show.
I thought rather than sharing pictures of the
oh-so many beautiful quilts,
I would share a couple that used unique techniques.
First is the Poppy~

It uses a couple of techniques.
Many small pieces layered then quilted give the background almost
a Monet-like appearance.

It was interesting to see how this was all quilted together.
There was another one that was more of a mountain scene using the same
layering technique.

Then there was a quilt that used so many techniques,
it's difficult to keep track.

I was somewhat flabbergasted to say the least.
Applique, ruching, embroidery, hand-quilting...
And do you see it?
It's fabric turning like the quilt I am still working on.
The entire thing was beautifully done.

This show has become one of my favorites.
The people are friendly - both those who are working,
and those who are viewing.
It is professional, and the quilts are well presented.
If you are ever in the area at the right time,
 I would certainly recommend attending. 

Until next time,
Nimble Fingers and Even Stitches


  1. Beautiful quilts!!
    Such talent :)

  2. I though wow when I saw the poppy quilt so beautiful and an interesting technique then the next quilt and another wow I so admire applique so beautifully done thanks for sharing these with us

  3. Thanks you for sharing some of the beautiful quilts from the show.