Sunday, October 29, 2017

Setting Up For Winter

We live different in winter than we do in summer as do many folks.
This means there are changes around that help accommodate winter life.
We can no longer hang clothes outside on the line.
Before I hear that I can hang clothes in snow,
let me share that pine trees rain sap and needles,
and the wind blows branches, leaves, and debris 
rendering clothes less than clean.
It's not a huge deal ~ I just do this.
If clothes drip, it's in the tub.  No biggy.
Also, I've pulled the last of the annual veggies, saving the green tomatoes 
to ripen inside.
This is the "in process" picture.
We are raking leaves and using them for compost of course,
but also as insulation around the base of tender vining plants that in milder climes have no problems.
We have plenty more yet to fall.
We've finally gathered enough wood for winter.
It's not entirely split, but it's here and that's the tough part.
The rest is making sure chimneys are clean, heater filters clean, lawn mower serviced, tools in good repair, etc.
It's the tidying of the corners and little things that will make hauling firewood,
shoveling snow, and getting around easier come winter.
We try to think ahead, but there's always something we forget or don't think of.
I guess that's how we come up with our to-do list for next year.
Some time back, I posted an autumn checklist.
You can find it here.
Now I better go coil the hoses.


  1. Oh my I love your drying rack! Biggest I have ever seen! Can I ask where you purchased it? Thank you, Angela

    1. That would be the store of Mom 😊 I think we got it when I was in high school. When they moved into the house they are in, she said there wasn't room for it so I gladly took it off their hands. The dowels are nice and sturdy, not like the little 3/8" ones you see in stores now. I love it too.

  2. When I hand wash clothes I dry them on a rack in the shower stall. I love your wooden rack.
    And I love the colors of the trees in your yard. I wish I were on that swing , reading a book. :)

    1. Whenever I am working over there, that swing is a great reminder that it should be used once in a while. It's too easy to get caught up with tasks.

  3. We had a linoleum floor in the farmhouse where I was raised, so we set up the clothes rack in the same room as the wood stove. Of course we also had a back porch where we could hand stuff.

    1. I hang jeans and such heavier things near the wood stove at times too. A porch is on our someday list - time and $ 😉

  4. Our days of drying outdoors are limited until spring. Looking at the forecast, I'll be washing the blankets so I can line dry them this week. After that, most everything will be on the rack by the woodstove. I put heavy things like towels on the rack before bed and stand by the fire to fold as the fire warms the house early in the morning.

  5. I've been doing that too. I think I just have 2 more big blankets to go - unless others appear as they sometimes do.

  6. We harvested the last of the tender garden things yesterday, as first frost was forecast for last night, which is later than usual. That's a lovely drying rack. I'm thankful I can pretty much hang laundry outdoors all year, if I work around the rain. The only thing I can think of to add to the winter prep list is the closing of the vents in our crawl space, which not every home has. Thanks for sharing your list.

  7. Great post. I have been raking a lot of leaves and mulching the fruit trees, too. I love your drying rack. I need to wash my alpaca blankets, as well.