Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Happy Surprise

Just a couple posts ago, I shared that my father-in-law said we could have powered our whole house. 
I misunderstood.
Since our pull was so low, they wired it to power our whole house!
We were without power for several hours last night. 
I think Mr LB was anxious to try out the new system. 
He had the generator out and plugged in in no time. 
It was strange that our house was the only house with lights. 
It was wonderful that after working all day, 
we could have our regular evening routine. 
The power was restored just as we were heading up to bed
so switched it back over to regular power. 
I’m not sure why more folks where we live aren’t set up like this. 
If I would have known years ago, it would have been more of a priority. 
What a true blessing. 


  1. That's fantastic. It must have felt great to be able to have lights on, and to go about your business. I have hurricane lamps and candles, but no generator. We have only been without power once in the last twenty years. It sounds like you have outages more often than we do, here in California.

    1. We do - usually a few hours to a day, but sometimes days. The longest since I’ve lived where I do was 4 days.

  2. It's great that you are well prepared for power outages. A generator is in my long term plans. It can be very useful in the hurricane season.

    1. It's sure nice Nil. You might watch Craigslist or estate sales. Good to hear from you.

  3. That's great news. It's interesting though, that as we figure things out we wonder why we didn't think of it earlier. I find the same is true for us on a multitude of levels.

  4. Wow, enjoy the power and the backup!