Sunday, January 21, 2018

Meet Hucklebunny

This my friends, is Hucklebunny.
She is actually a rescue rabbit of sorts.
I happened across an add that stated she was found near a busy street.
The request was to find the owner or a new home since the person who found her couldn't keep pets.
After a couple days, she was still available so I was able to pick her up.
Bunny "berries" are extremely good for the garden,
 and since this bunny is so tame,
I thought I would offer her a position at The Locust Blossom as
Chief Executive Officer in charge of crop (garden) fertilization.
She will be in charge of not only a certain quantity of fertilizer production but also supervise 4 employees (aka the hens.)
She seems very healthy other than possibly being slightly dehydrated.
I believe the gentleman who found her had a dish of water for her and she seemed quite pleased when I offered her a regular rabbit waterer. 
She has consumed quite a bit of water today for a single bunny.
At the moment she is lodging in a nice hotel (a cage in our house)
while the construction of Hucklebunny Headquarters is under way.
(I'm building her a hutch.)
Upon completion, she will move into her permanent accommodations
 where she can work efficiently throughout the day.
She has been working on producing some samples,
but her current situation offers minimal storage for such things.
She is hoping headquarters is completed soon 
so she can settle in and get to work.
We are looking forward to a long and successful career together.
Okay, feel free to call me a sucker down in the comments.
I wouldn't have really gone looking for a bunny,
but she is so tame and sweet, I couldn't resist.
I actually don't even mind having her in the house right now,
though I'm sure with time that would change.
Also, if anyone can tell me what breed she might be,
I would love to know.
It doesn't really matter as I will keep her anyways,
but I'd love to know nonetheless.


  1. She's adorable! And I know she will have a good home with you.

    1. Thank you. So far she's really pretty easy to care for.

  2. If you're sure it's a female, you should get a male, so you could make EVEN MORE fertilizer! - LOL

  3. She is beautiful ~ bless you for rescuing her!

  4. Oh, she's gorgeous! She looks so soft. What a sweetie. Animals always know how to find the best owners. I'm sure the manure will make excellent fertilizer. Have fun!

  5. She might be part Californian. They are a meat breed. I also had some that were part Californian and part New Zealand that were colored a lot like this one.

  6. I'm so jealous! I've always wanted a bunny. My sister has meat rabbits, but I would just like a bunny. Good for for helping the little buggers out. Keep us updated on her. You cheered me up.

  7. A blog I follow (Tania Marie) has a rescue bunny who is kept in the house. They can be trained to use a litter tray and they are very clean. I'm very envious your bunny looks so pretty and sweet. 💖

  8. Hucklebunny is absolutely gorgeous. Many years ago we had a couple of rabbits and guinea pigs, the soil was much improved with their "berries" and straw bedding.

  9. I used to have house bunnies so I can't help but get that "awww!" feeling, LOL. Mine were fiber rabbits and eventually we moved them outside so we could collect their berries for the garden. I've always had a soft spot for rabbits though, which is why there are one animal I wouldn't consider raising for meat.

  10. We had a house bunny for many years. They are so sweet. We just had to watch her around wires. Hucklebunny is adorable. Ours was litter box trained but we found an occasion oops now and again.

  11. What a little sweetie! I love my bunnies & all the help they give me in the garden :) Thanks for sharing on Homestead Blog Hop!