Saturday, January 6, 2018

Serendipitous Butter ???

I hope you all had a joyful holiday season. 
It's kinda like a vacation to me-
enjoyable but thankful to be home or in this case back to normal. 
Christmas was at our house this year. 
About 11:30 our power went out - oh yay!
Just in case you ever need to know~
a turkey in a terra-cotta roaster fits on the BBQ,
and if you set a diffuser on the wood stove,
 a ham in the same kind of roaster will still cook evenly.
It all worked out fine really.
I'm not sure if I've shared in the past,
But we have desert first about 11:30-12:00,
then dinner about 1:30-2:00.
I had just finished making whipped cream for pie when the power went out.
I actually made waaay too much whipped cream.
At the end of the day, I tried to send it home with someone,
 but nobody would take it.
Neither Mr. LB nor myself eat it.
I left it in the fridge for a day hoping he would "help" and eat some but no luck.
The following day I decided I couldn't just let it go to waste without 
trying to make it useful.
I decided I would just put it in the mixer and see if it would churn to butter.
It did!
The only thing is -
I forgot I had added vanilla to the whipped cream so I made vanilla butter.
It would be superb over French toast ~which we don't eat:-(
There is a special cookie recipe I want to try making for Mr. LB 
so will use it for that.
I've used it for my eggs but it seems I like plain eggs.
If you enjoy toast, French toast, crepes or other breakfasts that use butter,
this is the butter you've been looking for all your life!
I have a feeling it will do well in cookies.

If you've never made butter, you can see more here.
That's the real way, but I actually just did this in my kitchen aide,
and it made a splashy mess when it turned to butter.
(I really thought after almost 2 days in the fridge, I was wasting my time but had to try.)
Isn't the definition of serendipity "a fortunate accident?"
In which case, this is definitely Serendipitous Butter.


  1. I remember my great aunt churning by hand and then working out the water and adding a little salt. That may have been BEFORE Kitchen-Aide. - lol

    1. I wasn't that ambitious though it would probably have been less work by the time I cleaned up the splashings. 😊

  2. Your vanilla butter looks very good. 😊
    i hope it will go good in your cookie recipe.

  3. Great post and I would love the vanilla butter. Visiting from #HomeMattersParty