Thursday, April 4, 2013

For the Love of Lace

They say the first step is to admit it.
Okay, here goes.
I am addicted...to antique lace.
Am I alone in this?

I was at the local bargain counter and found a piece of wool.
I thought, "I will just look really quick at what else
there is."  In the 25 cent bin, 
I found this beautiful antique lace collar.
Oh, but it gets better.
I donate items there relatively frequently.
When I went to pay for the skirt and collar,
she said, "Oh, I'm not going to charge you for 
that little thing."  
Because, 25 cents was too much???
I thanked her immensely.
The pink ribbon ties must have been sewn on later.
I have a stack of vintage linens and laces up-stairs, 
down-stairs, lace here, lace there,  geesh.
Another fun piece - has a couple little spots - haven't tried to remove yet. 

 If you share this same addiction, there is
a wonderful little book you might enjoy.
It discusses the history of lace and the making
of it over the course of time.
Did you know that at one time lace was outlawed? 

Until next time,
Nimble Fingers and Even Stitches


  1. BEAUTIFUL Lace there my dear. What a find .xoox

  2. I feel the same way. I started collecting twenty something years ago and still treasure every piece!

  3. Gorgeous, Joey!
    OUTLAWED??? women must ahve been addicted to making it....LOL
    These pieces are gorgeous! Such fun....I think I should have called you yesterday when I was driving down Cabbage Hill and come to see you! I thought about you as I drove BOTH directions! LOL
    I will ahve to check out the book! I just received a few pieces from our daughters trip to Germany that she and our other daughter found for me at the fleamarket (flohmarkt) there in Frankfurt, I am so excited to incorporate them into a lovely hanging hlder with pockest that I am going to hang in and armoire I am going to finish....Oh, I better get on one of those! LOL
    Home you have a beautiful day today, Still cloudy but not raining like it was YESTERDAY! How is the weather in your neck of the woods?

  4. ICE CREAM!!!!!! Loveing YOUr laces again today, they are so beautiful!