Monday, April 22, 2013

One Man's Trash

We had a busy but fun weekend.
My mother-in-law and I went to Portland to 
their largest yard sale.
Over 400 vendors in one building.
We went last year as well.
We seemed to find a lot more last year:
however, we did find a little something.
This is just part of the spoils.
 I love intaglios.  I have an amber glass intaglio necklace.  
This is clear so it actually shows the color behind it. 
I have a bit of a collection of beaded collars.
I'm not quite sure  why I just am so drawn to them.
The two strands of beads are just to use in whatever,
but I was sure I needed them.
 Always on the hunt for fabric.
A piece of homespun, wool, and cotton.
It's the quilter in me.
She reminded me of Holly Hobby.
An old pot holder that I'll wash and use.
 I have always wanted a half doll pincushion so
I finally found one - and a mother-of-pearl pin.

We returned home (to in-laws) and across the street,
a neighbor was having a yard sale.  I found this lamp that
is not old, but will be a great bedside lamp.  I
should have straightened the shade before taking the picture.

I did get just a couple other things, but they are
for others so I don't want them to see before they
receive them.
A fun weekend but as always,
it feels good to be home.
Hope you have a beautiful Monday.

Until next time,
Nimble Fingers & Even Stitches


  1. So gorgeous! I have seen this advertised and wondered how it would be...call me next time and I'll car pool with You! such pretty things you acquired!

  2. I can see you had a great time at the sale and some lovely purchases, the fabric with the penny farthing is wonderful and you brought back memories of Holly Hobby, Catherine my daughter now 40 was a big fan as a child.

  3. My husband makes fun of me because I have a strong liking of old lamps, not antique but from the 60s and 70s! He makes me hide them in the bedrooms. I guess he's forgotten we are still using the old wooden table lamps from 1982 that we purchased at the hardware store before we got married! Great finds. I love yard sales and thrift shops.