Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Ranch House Candles in Post, Oregeon

I recently received my new order from
Ranch House Candles.
These are excellent candles!  
Post, Oregon is right in the middle of Oregon.
The whole town consists of one building.
If you are a candle person, you might just take a peek.
The wicks are in the middle unlike so many.
Dawn does a fabulous job, is knowledgeable 
and shares that knowledge -  like the darker the candle,
the longer it burns, cool candles burn longer, etc.
She is pouring more candles each week,
and each week, I can't wait to smell what's next:)

Last week was Blackberry Sage Tea
This one should come with a spoon.

Her latest is Citrus-Basil (light green.)
It smells like summer.  I love it.
The Banana Nut Bread smells like the real thing.

If computer screens could be scratch-n-sniff,
you could smell for yourself.
You wouldn't be able to tell the difference between the two pictures.
Mr. LB asked for either one ~ the burnable kind or the edible kind-
he got both:)

She keeps her Facebook page updated, and
I have created this link so you can just click
Ranch House Candles
to see a list of available scents.
She was pouring more today (Wed.)

or you can call &/or email:


Phone: (541)408-4505

If you search for 'Ranch House Candles,' be sure you put Oregon
in the search or it will take you to Texas.


  1. my nose was having a twitch trying to smell those lovely candles

  2. They look lovely! So does the Bread...I sent some of this to a friend's for dinner the other day...wheat and I cannot eat...
    Oh, well. She enjoyed it!
    Hearts to you,

  3. Oh you are making me hungry! I made a banana bread today and have yet to slice into it... I just may need to do that now. ;)