Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Antique Sampler

Sometimes, it's just meant to be.
Another gal and I have been handling the estate of some dear friends.
There was so much stuff in the house that there are two estate sales
off site in order to accommodate the pure volume.
We had cleaned and sorted a ton of 'stuff' before the estate sale folks
even entered to begin their process.
During all that sorting and even at the pre-sale browse,
I never saw it.

It wasn't until after the first sale,
when we got to go through the leftovers to see if there was anything
we wanted at half off, that I saw it.
I am guessing it was made by Shirley's mother
which is a little odd since it was Bob's mom who did more stitching.
But Shirley's mom liked to cook and appreciated food.
I don't know this ~ it's just a hunch.

The other fun bit is that the fella has a fish on his line.
Mr. LB being the avid fly-fisherman he is was pleased to see that.

There are so many things that were hiding, packed away.
I would have loved to have asked questions.
(including who was in many photos we found)

Obviously that's not possible.
At this point, I figure the best I can do is appreciate the item,
remember my friends with fondness,
and clear out or give away the things that might turn into 
forgotten relics from our own home.

I am thankful to everyone who looked at this piece and passed it by.
It is now hanging in our kitchen ~ right where it belongs.


  1. It obviously was waiting for you to love it which is why no one else bought it. Some things are just meant to be. It's a charming little stitchery and I can see why you love it.

  2. I adore antique samplers. This one is a real find! Mimi xxx

  3. how lucky that this was not sold wonder how much more you will be able to resist

  4. A wonderful embroidery. It was meant to be yours.

  5. What a nice way to remember them! I always liked the little, personal things. It will have a good home with you.

  6. What an adorable sampler - love it!

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