Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Where God Hides

Well folks, there are just times when life seems to come at you
like an octopus with boxing gloves.

Though generally speaking, life is good and we know that,
lately Mr. LB and I have been dealing with a few challenges 
on a variety of fronts.
The most difficult parts are not the tasks themselves
but dealing with "professionals" such as
lawyers, realtors, estate sale personal, and large charitable organizations.
In addition to all this, Mr. LB is leaving for Alaska Thursday.
He will be gone for 10 days.
He deserves the break and is giddy as a schoolgirl about the fishing,
but we've not been apart that long since we met.
I think I'm struggling with it a little more than he is.
I'm not afraid of being alone; I'll just miss him.
We have been trying to prepare for the trip as well as the things that need to happen while he is away, making lists, crossing T's and dotting I's.
Did you know lawyers in particular are surprised by efficiency?
-almost to the point of not knowing how to respond.
It's crazy, I tell you.  
I know our (my) whining is pitiful compared to what others may be facing.
Without going into all the gnarly details,
it's like everybody is talking but no 2 people speak the same language.
If I could observe from a spectator seat, it might be entertaining-
along the lines of a good ol' Abbot and Costello show.
I am not a spectator though.
Each little turn in navigation requires my signature.

I know we are supposed to thank God for our trials 
as well as for our joyous times.
And I try, but admittedly, those prayers go something like,
"Really God?  Okay, yea, I know, thank you - but really?"
That's not real gratitude.
I am more grateful than that when Mr. LB hands me my coffee in the morning.
It's easy to wonder where God is in all this.
And it was at the very moment that I questioned God 
that a childhood storybook came to mind.
"Danny and the Dinosaur" 
It was about a little boy and a dinosaur as they play a game of hide and seek.
The dinosaur hid behind a couple large items like a house or bus, 
but the children still found him.
Finally, he hid behind a telephone pole, and they couldn't find him.
I won't ruin the story and tell the why's or how's:)
But, it dawned on me.
We are (or I am at least) like those children.
Great big God is hiding behind a telephone pole, or a call to the lawyer,
or a paper for the escrow company, etc.
He's right there in front of us, but so often we chose not to see Him.
Tell me He didn't put that in my head.

I've learned and am learning a ton in regards to various legal processes,
about "professional" people, and large "charitable" organizations 
on top of coping with loss.
The biggest lesson however, is in dealing with stuff.
People are so enthralled with the monetary value of an item or items
that all sense seems to exit their heads at once.
At times I've felt like yelling, "I don't care if it's worth 2 bits or 2 billion.  My friends are gone, and you are worried about stuff!"
(I have not done so - just for the record.)

I really think it's God's affirmation that I am on the right track as I continue to declutter and reevaluate items we have based on their usefulness 
and weather or not they add quality to our lives.
As I've said before, I'm no minimalist,
but it's becoming increasingly easier for me to let go of items 
that no longer add value to our lives.
Relationships add value to our lives not things.
I'm thinking more and more about family members and friendships,
working on maintaining those connections, and less on maintaining a 
huge volume of "things."
It's by these measures I hope to be judged when my time here is done
not by my net asset value.

Whatta ya know?
Perhaps. . . just perhaps,
God knows exactly what He is doing by hiding right in front of me.
Is He hiding in front of you too? 

Somewhere out in the shop, I have my original edition.
The cover wasn't as colorful.


  1. Hard times come to us all, and we all need reminding to give it to God. Love this post, thanks for sharing! (Stopping by from The Homesteaders Blog Hop)

    ~Taylor-Made Homestead~

  2. I don't know the details of your situation, but we ALL have too much "stuff." As for people, I've read that something like 90% don't listen to learn, but to plan their response. I think that's true.

  3. Sometimes when we think God is hiding he's right there in plain sight if we just stop fussing long enough to see him. It's human nature to fuss. I hope your DH has a wonderful fishing trip - too bad you couldn't go along and just stay in the camp/cabin and enjoy the solitude along with your stitching.

  4. BTW, LL, you might want to go back to my blog and check my response to your response. ;-)

  5. I try to make sure He God is by my side and not in hiding but yes he is sometimes behind the lampost I know life wild not be the same without Him. A wonderful post you have such a god way with words. Trust DH catches lots of fish and you do not feel too lonely whilst he is away. Re the talking I think the real problem is they are not listening to each other thinking they know it all themselves

  6. Dealing with the stuff is difficult for me, especially if it is family or close friend's stuff that you know they loved and need to find a good home for. I hope you find something fun to do while your husband is gone!

  7. Thanks for this lovely post, it hit the center of the target for me. Sorry you are struggling with all this 'stuff'. This connects for me as I am in the midst of a major downsize as 'things' just don't mean anything to me anymore. As you said it's all about family and friends not 'stuff'. Happy fishing for DH and happy stitching and resting to you.