Monday, June 13, 2016

Learning to Weave with a Floor Loom

It finally happened.
I was almost giddy.
Some time back, I posted that the loom was in the house.
I had it in the shop aging like a fine wine
gathering the proper vintage of dust.
I finally found someone to teach me how to use the thing.
Living this far out, it's not like someone can just pop over after work
and offer a few hours in an evening.
It's also not practical to put it in the car and stop by your place.
This weekend, Silva was kind enough to drive out here and teach me
how to get the thing rollin'.

After vacuuming all the dust bunnies and untangling 
giant wads of cotton string,
we were in business.
Whoever had warped it, must have been good and had it threaded
to produce a pattern.

I just wanted a basic every-other thread (for learning.)
She agreed, and we (she) figured out what was needed
so we didn't have to re-thread the entire mess - I mean width.
Dumped from the bag ~ one big tangle.
I found two bags of wool salvages at a yard sale a couple years ago
so got them hoping to make a rug.
There are more than this, but you can see I really did wind it up.
It's so much easier this way.
Well, as of writing this,
I have made two rugs that are each about 2'-2.5' X 4' and
have enough for about 6 more that size!
What's shown above is only one bag worth.
The green yarn is so I know when to stop.
I can see how one could end up with a hallway runner:)
Silva also brought me a warping board.  
She said this one was given to her and was "a spare."
I have to figure out some kind way to repay her for such generosity.
I got it hung up after she left.
This room is a light buttery yellow but photographs just awful
so please excuse the muck color it appears to be.
And after the little weaving party is over, the floor shows
just how much fun was had.

This is a very helpful book.  It is far beyond me a this point.


  1. what fun you are going to have now your loom is up and working and such a good buy a couple of years ago with the wool. Could not help spotting a tiny bit of a lovely quilt too on the bed any chance of a bigger photo what I can see looks so good.

  2. Awesome. Weaving has recently been added to my must learn list.

  3. I am envious :)
    I have a small table loom that was given to me, that has been collecting dust as well.
    Your rugs looks great!

  4. This looks like such fun! I remember when I was a little girl the neighbour across the road had a floor loom and I loved to sit and watch her use it. She used to make a lot of rugs too. And doesn't dust just add to the beauty of it??

  5. Hi, Saw your blog listed over at the Down to Earth Forum and enjoyed this visit. You are one busy lady, doing so many interesting things. Blessings, MiMi in Florida